prz attar full arabian perfume (300 ml) - pure natural premium quality perfume (non-alcoholic)


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    A combination of many type of floral, herbal and spices, this fragrance of Attar Full Arabian Perfume Oil is highly rich and floral settling down to a beautiful heady floral fragrance. Very captivating, this fragrance is associated with romance and seduction. It easily blends with alcohol, Ether, and chloroform. It contains various Essential oil, suitable for fragrance such as sandalwood, amber, patchouli, flowers, roots, herbs, and spices. Due to absence of alcohol, this Attar is extensively used by many mainly Muslims as a perfume. Attar is also used for aromatherapy purposes, as they are free from any preservatives or chemical additives. These Attar Full Arabian Perfume Oil extracts with oil base are helpful in cases of stress, hypertension, and treating skin ailments.